Protection of retail client funds

Why clients can trust RobintradeBox with their money

  • RobintradeBox holds 3 banking licenses globally and is a well-capitalised and well-regulated Danish (EU) bank.
  • RobintradeBox has always been very prudent in how we approach our treasury and balance sheet with low risk to interest rate movements.
  • RobintradeBox has a clean balance sheet and has no appetite to “go out on the yield curve”.
  • RobintradeBox does not have a loan mortgage or commercial loan book with inherent risk of credit losses.
  • RobintradeBox is a profitable company with a very well-diversified business, where we have taken strategic decisions that allow us to be in a strong position where clients and partners can and should continue to trust us as a safe, attractive place to put their deposits.

RobintradeBox is a member of the Danish Guarantee Fund.

In the event that a Danish bank (including RobintradeBox) should suspend its payments or go into bankruptcy, client deposits are guaranteed by the Fund with up to EUR 100,000 for cash deposits. Cash deposits are calculated as the net free deposit after deduction of any debt to the bank.

As a general rule, securities will not be affected by the suspension of payment or compulsory winding-up and will be returned to the client. In the event that a Danish bank (including RobintradeBox) is unable to return securities held in safe-custody, administered or managed, the Guarantee Fund will cover with up to EUR 20,000 per client.

The Guarantee Fund

For further information on the Guarantee Fund and the coverage as well as an updated list of the Guarantee Fund Members, please click here.

Please note that your funds are protected under the Guarantee Fund whichever classification status you hold with RobintradeBox. 

Protection of Institutional client funds

Protection of cash in case of RobintradeBox’s Default:

Institutional clients are, due to their status as licensed financial institutions, not covered for cash in case of RobintradeBox’s default. Cash in this regard includes the netted value of derivative positions.

Protection of securities in case of RobintradeBox’s Default:

All securities held with RobintradeBox will be returned to the White Label Client if they are retrievable from RobintradeBox’s custodian.

That the securities are retrievable is ensured by the requirement of section 95(3) of the Danish Investment Firm Act, which imposes on Danish banks to ensure that, the client’s rights to their securities are at all times protected, also in case of a default.